Monday, October 29, 2012

Get On The Scale....

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It's been a week since Isabella pulled out her NG Tube. I told Cardiology about it a few days ago and they would want to see what her weight would be on today's Home Care visit.

I was really nervous what her weight would be. I have to admit that it is convenient for me to have her NG. I can feed her & give her medications when she's sleeping & wouldn't have to wake her up. It's never a good thing to wake up a sleeping baby! :)

But now that she's getting older/bigger, we're getting into a point where it's a bit of a struggle to put a new tube each week. And those times when we measured wrong or tube may have went it too low or too high, or when we can't suction any food from her stomach & we have to remove & put back the tube again, it's not a pleasant experience for both parties especially the little one.

However, with today's nurse visit, I'm glad to say that she is now 12 lbs and 8 oz. Basically, she is gaining 17 grams everyday, which is what they want her to be. Yay!!! I asked if I can leave the tube out & the nurse agreed to it.

Cheers to a tube-less baby! 
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