Thursday, November 15, 2012


Isabella's hearing test was cancelled today. She usually responds to sounds but there are times when I think she doesn't so part of me feels disappointed that she couldn't go because I would want to know what the results would be.

We were supposed to pick up her brothers from school today after the appointment (instead of them riding the school bus). But we thought it'd be fun to still pick them up regardless.

On the way out, I took few shots of us from my phone. I always bring her close to the mirror to see her reflection everyday. And every single day, what I see is this beautiful girl with brown eye and long eyelashes,  soft curly/wavy hair, a cute nose and  an adorable smile that comes with 2 cute dimples. A little girl full of courage and strength. Someone who can warm someone's heart in an instant. I hope someday, she would love her reflection too and see herself as how her mother sees her.

Can you tell, I love her to bits? :)

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