Tuesday, November 13, 2012


A friend came over today with her kids. We talked about so many things. I love mom talk!
It always interests me to hear how other moms deal with parenthood. Not that I enjoy hearing part of their struggles but it but somehow, makes me feel relieved that I'm not alone on this path of parenthood & its struggles. Like what my mom always says, "we all have different cross to carry, so be nice because you'll never know how heavy the cross they're carrying". How very true.

Just the other morning, my husband and I were going out so I needed to boil some water for Isabella. I put the pot on the stove and saw a letter from Canadian Immigration about fingerprint request so I thought I'd call them (since I already submitted fingerprints with my citizenship application). But I remembered that they may ask me which agency I had it done so I went upstairs to grab that sheet of paper. I saw some invoice from the car dealership so I started creating a file folder for it. I also saw that there was something that wasn't filed properly so I filed it. On the way down, I remembered that I needed to wake Isabella up. So I did, changed her diaper, her clothes & by the time I went down, my husband said that I left the stove on, which I admitted & said, "I was boiling water". The thing is, there was no water in the pot. Ha!

What do you struggle most about being a parent? Organization, discipline, attitude, budget? I guess they all contribute to our issues of having that balance in our lives, which I always struggle with. A lot of us don't take time to just sit down and relax. And sadly, even if we do, we're thinking of what to cook for supper, or what chore to do next.

I guess, at the end of the day, our children won't remember how clean our house was or how their meals were nutritiously made, or how their clothes are freshly washed and nicely folded. They will remember more of how we played with them, or who won in scrabble, or how good that mac n cheese from the box was.

Here's to a day in a week of not cleaning up and a night of take out!

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