Friday, December 21, 2012

Can You Hear Me?

Off today we go to get Isabella's hearing test at the Alberta Children's Hospital.
I always feel nervous and anxious. Why wouldn't I? My world has been rocked before and I'm always afraid that it will be rocked again.

Isabella had electrodes on her head to record electrical activity from the auditory nerve. She also had an earphone on her ear. This test is called ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response). It is non invasive and she had to be asleep in order to have this as the response is very sensitive.

The audiologist was really nice and gentle with her. I love gentle medical professionals! I believe that these medical professionals who works helping kids get better really chose to be in this field because they want to do this and they love kids. But once in a while you find some that  forget how it is to be on the receiving end so I always appreciate when someone is gentle with my child.

We weren't able to finish testing the other side of the ear because it took a while for her to sleep and with her movements, we had to pause several times. Not to mention, I was running late to pick up the boys from school.

The good news is, her permanent hearing is good. Yay!
The bad news is, there's a fluid build up in her ear that has been there for a while  so the sounds that she hear are muffled. We will be back next month to test the other ear and to see if she was able to eliminate the fluid in her ears on her own. We can do this by yawning or swallowing but it's a bit harder for babies. If she can't do this, we will be referred to the EENT and she may need to have another "surgery" to put tubes into her ear to drain those fluids.

Surgery..... Did she just say "surgery"?  The word I fear & dreaded the most just came out of her mouth. "Oh no, not again" I thought. I know it's not on purpose but my world just got rocked again.

There's nothing I can really do for now except to wait for the next test. I hope and pray (please pray with me!) that the next one would be good news and wouldn't require a surgery.

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