Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Is Upon Us

Christmas is upon us.
I'm sure there are lots of shiny things and gadgets under most tree this year. Sometimes, it's hard to imagine how far our technology has come. What are you hoping to receive and what are you giving?

I asked "Santa" for this. And I'm a lucky girl because I got it. Yes, my darling husband didn't wrap it and we're all receiving our presents early this year.  

But the best Christmas gift I could ever ask for is this, and it's something I can enjoy all year long! I love how this photo shows different personalities of the kids. Lemme tell you a little secret, they are all mischievous, ha! 

Earlier this week, while Josh has been sick at home, his teacher phoned me and asked me to keep this secret  until today. Do you know how hard was that for me?! :) Josh made me one proud mama. He was student of the month for December. It was their pj day as well so as much as he enjoyed not having to wear his uniform, he was a wee bit shy having to accept this award in front of the whole school in his pj's. Haha.

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Josh accepting his certificate from their principal.

The other student of the month from other grades and classes. 
As harsh as it sound to others, we always teach our boys that even though family, true friends and love are priceless, many things in this world are not free. I think it's important that they learn it from a young age. If you want a vacation, you need to save for it. If you want to be promoted or get an award, you have to work for it. If you want friends, you have to be a friend. If you want to be able to play video game, you have to act responsibly at home. Although Josh has been quite a book smart, we were worried that he may not reach the standards of this traditional school he was transferred to this school year. But he worked hard, and he achieved it. 

I'm confident that we are all capable of working towards achieving what we want. We may not always get 100% result but to achieve something is so worth the work. 

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