Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy December!

Oh, it's finally December! I can't believe we're getting to an end of this year. It seemed like 2012 went by really quickly for me.

We put this up yesterday morning.

With my little elves.

This is one of my favorite ornaments. Bought them from Michael's couple years ago.  

Speaking of ornaments, Joe loves his teacher so dearly. So he colored some wooden ornaments for her. 

We had a visitor too, Rose. During and after Isabella's hospital stay, her & husband Gideon would cook for us sometimes and bring it to our house. What kind hearted couple! We are indeed blessed to have them as friends. 

Joe had to go to a birthday party so Josh and I were left at home with the baby. After playing a few games on the computer, while I tackle laundry, he decided to brush up on his drawing skills. :)

Took a photo of this little princess. She camouflaged right in with the tree skirt! Hahaha.

And a snapshot courtesy of Josh, of me and Isabella. Sometimes, the only way to get some housework done is by using this Snugli carrier. I've used it with Josh & Joe too (wow, that was 8 years ago!),

Finally, wrapping up my Saturday night. A tired teething baby that actually, been snoozing on and off and didn't fall asleep until 1 in the morning.

We are off to stay overnight at the Children's Hospital for Isabella's sleep study tonight. I'll keep you posted.
Hope your weekend is filled with content and happiness. 

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  1. Beautiful photos!! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!! Good luck with her study!


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