Thursday, December 13, 2012

Happy Thoughts

It's always amazing how a child sees no difference, he sees everyone as equal. I wish all of us can have this instilled in our hearts. 

I created this short 50 sec video clip using Magisto of Joe and Isabella. This is the second clip I created because the first  was taken at night and it was too dark. I hope you’ll like it. On the last few seconds of the video, Joe was actually singing to Bella the song "I'm Glad You Came". Found it so cute. 

Last Monday, I volunteered at the boys’ school. I met one of the supervisors and she mentioned that she has a sibling who has Down syndrome. I got pretty excited! But that excitement turned into worry when she mentioned that her sibling is losing vision at age 30. Although she told me not to worry because there are a lot of specialists where we live.

It was something I may not want to hear or not ready to think about but it could happen. I told our homecare nurse about it the following day when she came to visit.  She told me to think about how advanced medicine will be in 30 years - how very true. Medicine has come a long way. There will be a lot of intervention too and it’s something she may not have to go through.  

Suddenly, I see the future bright ahead – and I'm excited once again.
I decided I’m going to hold on to that hopeful thought.

I snapped a couple photos of me and the little princess.

Last week, it snowed here pretty good and it was beautiful so I took a few photos too. Bring it on winter!

Taken from 3rd floor of Children's Hospital overlooking Canada Olympic Park

Here's to beautiful winter, happy thoughts and having a best friend!

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