Friday, January 25, 2013

Some Observations & Realizations

Seems like I have been away for a while. I guess I was.

There are lots of little things happening here & there. Sometimes, life can get busy & on the go that you forget to bring the camera or snap some photos or blog. Kids are over the cold and while I thought Joe caught the stomach bug last week, we were still spared of it. Thank God!

Last Friday (18th), Isabella had her 3rd RSV shot (she will be getting a total of 10 in a year). Shortly after her shots, we had to run across the street to the Down Syndrome Clinic (as what many people call it) but it's the Child Development Centre. I love them all there, they are a great team!

I'm really pleased to hear from them how great they think Isabella is doing. When you have a child with DS or other disabilities, most likely, you will be dealing with Hypotonia (low muscle tone).  While I believe babies have the natural ability to discover themselves, their interests and what they can do, I also try to help & guide her everyday as much as I can to improve her motor skills, mobility and trying to keep her healthy at the same time. Having that validation of your work can feel pretty darn good! :)

Yesterday, she had her 6 mo vaccination at a clinic. If you haven't heard my daughter cry, she can go pretty all out sometimes! It is hard to believe how a tiny little body can produce such a loud sound. Although I think she didn't cry so much at the clinic, she managed to burst some blood vessels on her face, ha! (The little red dots on her face).

The other day at the mall, while waiting in line to pay for some shirts I got the boys, I was next in line to a  woman at the till who was with a guy (he was about 5 feet away from her & was about a foot closer to me). Despite the distance, I assumed they were together or a family since the little girl who was with the man looked exactly like the woman in the till. Anyways, the man's back was facing me so I didn't see his face. Then, the little girl who was about 2 or 3 years old peeked from one of the bins below & said "hi" to me and I smiled & said "hi" back. I then saw him looked at me & started shaking his head. I thought he didn't like it so I felt awkward, almost ashamed. I observed him more and saw that he still keeps on shaking his head & seems to have been uttering something to himself while trying to finish his sandwich. I realized that he has some mental disability of some sort. What it is, I don't know.

I felt scared for a moment. I didn't know if he was upset and I feared that he may do something to Isabella if he was, since the stroller was closer to him (I know, I can get a wee bit paranoid sometimes). Then, I quickly realized that my daughter too has a disability. I felt so bad & guilty. I wish I knew what he has, maybe I wouldn't have felt afraid? I'm thinking, my daughter may look cute now because she's still little but I hope someday, when my daughter is older, that people wouldn't get scared of her disability too based on her looks or maybe difficulty of speaking or some mannerism. I hope we can get more education about the different disabilities out there. Sometimes it's sad that we have to be affected by it first to really find interest to learn about disabilities. I hope I can use this blog as a tool to raise awareness about people with disability.

There was another photo of Isabella I took earlier this month that I forgot to attached. I thought she was pretty darn cute, don't you think?

Wishing you a sick-free and wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

7 Months Ago....

Seems like just yesterday.
When I had this little life inside of me.

I was worried, yet hopeful.
But one thing I know for sure, I was happy.


Fast forward 7 months.
She's as determined and strong will as she was in my tummy.

I don't think I could ever take away my worry, but I can make plans for her future.
And learn to live life as we go on.

There's still one thing I'm sure of...  I'm happy to have her and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh..... all the stories I'll tell her someday.
Or perhaps, this blog will help tell her own story to her.

Happy 7 months our little Isabella!
We love you from the bottom of our "hearts".

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