Monday, February 4, 2013

Can You See Me?

Isabella had to go for an eye test last Friday at the Children's Hospital. It went great! She cooperated well and the Optometrist was awesome!

The Optometrist performed different kind of tests on her. Last one was using the drops to dilate her pupil (which Isabella tolerated well). Once their pupils are dilated, they become very sensitive to light so I suggest that you bring sunglasses with you and put it on after your child's appointment.

I added those stars because she was a rockstar during the test! :)

If you have no access to Physio, here is one easy exercise the PT suggested me to do that may help your baby too to crawl. Isabella is not crawling nor in the crawling position yet so I try to practice this exercise with her everyday.

I practice kneeling with Isabella by holding her knees together under her pelvis while leaning forward onto a support (which is my hand in her chest). If you notice in the last part of this 30 second video, she has pretty much tried supporting her weight by stretching out both arms. I pat her on the arm & acknowledged that she's doing a fantastic job!

Here is the mat that we use. It is from Tiny Love and the model is Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Acticity Gym. We love this product! There are so many features why we love it but first of all, the music player is detachable so you can put the mat in the washing machine - very important for us that we can sanitize this. When I detach the music player (the red lighting thing in the video above that she's looking at), I use it as another toy. Second, it folds flat so it's perfect for our little home! Every feature on this mat, from the hanging toys, to removable toys, arch and music player, texture, little sounds from the animals on the mat itself are all useful and my baby enjoys it.
Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym
I hope you can use this exercise too with your baby.

You know, it's so easy for us to compare our child with someone else, especially when it comes to milestones & when some parent brags how their child can do this and that. I admit, sometimes, it gets to me and I'm guilty of comparing & worrying. When I do, I always try to remember that my child will achieve that milestone no matter what, it may take longer but she will achieve it. 

So here's to believing and to a wonderful week ahead of you! 

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  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeee the sunglasses and love love love the video!!! Toooooooooo cute!


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