Wednesday, March 20, 2013

RSV Prevention - What Do We Do?

Due to recent family events (my poor 5 week old nephew has one right now), I thought I'd write about RSV prevention on this post instead of the physio video that I promised, sorry.

RSV is still going around, sadly. Isabella had her 5th shot earlier this week & is due for her 6th in 6 weeks. I did a short introduction about RSV on this post. This link may also be useful information. Fortunately, she hasn't gotten RSV, thank God. We are really working hard not to get it and I hope that she nor any baby would ever get sick wit.  h this mean virus.

Here are some prevention method we practice in our family.

  • We do not let her go near anyone who is sick whether it's in the house or in the car unless it is our immediately family (me, my husband, and the 2 boys). If any of us are sick, we minimize contact with her. If I am sick & since I can't minimize my contact with her, I can avoid kissing in the mouth or putting my mouth or nose anywhere near her face but I give her lots of hugs instead.
  • If we are having visitors over, we tell them to inform us ahead of time if they are unwell or we re-schedule any appointments or visits we have with them. 
  • Per nurses advise, we try to avoid car rides with others to minimize any risk since RSV can also be spread through droplets. 
  • I wash all her toys, sheets, blankets, jackets, sweaters, gym mat at least once a week. If it drops on the floor in a mall or supermarket, there is no way I will wipe that toy & give it to her. It'll have to go in the washer or has to be properly sanitized first. 
  • If we get sick including the boys, I change bed sheets once they start to feel better (regardless if I just changed it). Along with it, I sanitize very important germ-magnet places/things that we unconsciously touch all the time such as door knobs, side of the door, bathroom counters, faucets, sinks, stairs railing, TV remote, computer keyboards, mouse & more. 
  • I always carry a hand sanitizer with me, 100% of the time. When I'm at a mall or supermarket (where people touch almost everything, esp in the produce section!), I sanitize after every time I touch anything, esp before I touch Isabella or any object/food I will give to her (if she's with me at the store). My hand may be as hard and dry as concrete right now but hey, if it'll keep my baby safe & healthy, it'll do for now! :) 
  • We try not to bring her too often to public, crowded places. I still go to the mall with her. Sometimes, I think she needs to be out there too and so do I (mine is not about sanitize issue but sanity issue! LOL!) so I just make sure that I always wash or sanitize my hands. 
  • When I bring her to the hospital for appointments, therapies, I always make sure that her car seat & stroller canopy are covering her (to avoid people from peeking & breathing on her or touching her) and to avoid any virus/bacteria that are transferable by droplets (like RSV). 
  • I make sure that I cover her bottle brush in the kitchen to avoid contamination with any meat or any type of bacteria that can be found in kitchen. I also dry her bottles in a separate tray and not in the kitchen counter. 
  • We ask anyone who holds her to either wash their hands or sanitize it. Most of the time, family & friends have been really good about this that I don't even have to ask them! 
  • Most importantly - Hand washing - we all do this religiously! 
So you may ask - which one is worse, RSV or Pneumonia? 
Based on personal research, RSV can lead to Pneumonia. Although you can get RSV Prevention by having Palivizumab shots, you cannot treat it with antibiotics (unless there is a complication, ex. ear infection) like you can do with pneumonia. 

I hope this little bit of information helps. 

Here's to hoping you & your family get RSV free and prayers to my nephew for his speedy recovery. 

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