Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Somebody Turned One!

Last June 8, we were so grateful to celebrate this little girl's first birthday with some good friends.
I cooked ribs and chicken wings. And more ribs & chicken wings! Hahaha. Apparently, from what our friends tells me is that I cooked a lot of food. I guess I did. We had to eat leftovers for the whole week, every single day. LOL. I tried to cook it different ways cos we were feeling like gagging just thinking about anything BBQ, ha! :)

Seems only yesterday, when I held this beautiful girl in my arms. Where did the time go?

If I only knew that it would be this joyful to have her as a child, and that we will surpass some of the initial trials,  I wouldn't have worried too much when I was pregnant with her. This little gal has changed me more than I can imagine. She taught me patience, to be accepting and to love without boundaries because that is what she gives me everyday.

I'm really enjoying that she still seem to be a little baby to me.
So far, she has no tooth yet. She weighs around 17 lbs and still fits on an infant car seat.
I guess it is filling up the lost time I've had of her as a baby for the 3 months she spent in the hospital and I'm totally okay with it.

Did you know, that not only there is a delay of tooth eruption for babies with Down Syndrome but the set of teeth that comes out are also irregular? I saw that her 2 upper front teeth seems to be coming out first and I've been told that in some cases, their molars even comes in first.  

Here are some other photos:

I initially thought of renting a bouncer for the kids but since it was raining, I found someone to do face paint with us on Kijiji instead. She also does balloon twist & I think the kids had a great time!


'Til next time.
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