Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Japanese Festival

Last Sunday, we went to the Japanese Omatsuri Festival.
It was everyone's first time to attend (except for me) and I'm glad my family enjoyed it. Next year, I'll let everyone wear Yukata & Jinbei for sure!

Posing beside a Mikoshi

Every time we go out with Isabella, I always sense/get a mixture of people's reaction towards her/us. To be honest, I really don't care and I don't really mind if they ask me questions. I think asking is better than judging. In the beginning, I always feel obliged to explain why she looks like she's 6 mos younger than her age or why she doesn't have any teeth yet. Then, I feel the need to explain even further. Sometimes, I still explain. Sometimes, I just go in agreement that she is indeed tiny for her age.

(Daddy's girl)

People getting ready to dance the Bon Odori

If you haven't been in one, I encourage you to attend. It's not a by invitation only event. Try the foods and try to have a sip of the drink called "Ramune".

'Til next time!

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