Canadian Down Syndrome Society

Congenital Heart Information Network
C.H.I.N. is a national organization that provides reliable information, advocacy, support services, financial assistance and resources to families of children with congenital heart defects and acquired heart disease, and adults with congenital heart defects

Western Canadian Children's Heart Network 

FSCD (Family Support for Child with Disability)
This service is available in Alberta only and is not just for Down Syndrome. If your child has a mental disability, you are entitled for FSCD.

FSCD provide parents with funding to access a range of supports and services that strengthen their ability to promote their child’s healthy growth and development.  In addition, FSCD assists with some of the extraordinary costs of raising a child with a disability.

(Supporting Children with Heart Disease)
Offers information, resources, emotional support and discreet financial support where other resources are unavailable.


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